How Beer Line Cleaning Can Increase Draught Beer Sales

Draught beer line cleaning is performed for two principal reasons:

  1. To achieve proper sanitation, and
  2. to ensure product quality.

Maintaining a clean draught beer system is essential for preserving the integrity and character of each beer. The most common reason customers choose draught beer over bottled is for the freshness.

For a draught beer establishment to earn customer loyalty, it must meet the expectations of its audience. Clientele who are passionate about their beers will keep coming back if service conditions are right. The most important of those conditions is, of course, draught beer quality through proper sanitation.

There are a number of indicators of poor sanitation; and most customers, either consciously or subconsciously, will identify these factors and build an opinion of an establishment based upon them. Obvious indicators include off-flavors, stale aromas, and a lack of foamy head which results from poor tap system sanitation.

The conscientious consumer pays great attention to product quality details, and this practice flourishes within the draught beer and craft beer communities. There is a simple way to earn the respect, loyalty, and repeat business of this vast market of consumers: Provide consistent draught beer quality through proper tap system maintenance and sanitation.

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