Tap System Installation

Every tap system we install is designed to maximize Efficiency, Performance and Sanitation.

We are not a retailer or distributor for any manufacturer or supplier. We contact numerous suppliers to compare manufacturer pricing and availability of the parts we need for each individual tap system application.

How this benefits you: This lets us provide our customers with low-cost installations and repairs utilizing the exact components we see fit for the specifications of each tap system design.

Our 3-Star Promise

★ Efficiency
★ Performance
★ Sanitation

We uphold our 3-star promise by centering our engineering philosophy on the delivery of high-quality draught beer. We consider a variety of factors when properly designing a draught beer system that is appropriate for your needs. Our systems are designed under the following criteria.

Air Cooling and Recirculation

Air cooling and recirculation minimizes additional refrigeration costs by utilizing cold air already present in the keg refrigeration unit. Cold air is circulated across beer lines through insulated duct work, and the air is returned to the refrigeration unit to efficiently maintain proper line and pour temperature.


Refrigeration may be provided by an on-site refrigerator, or by the installation of a direct-draw keg cooler or “beer box”. In either case, placing beer tap faucets as close to the refrigeration unit as possible is paramount in reducing energy consumption while ensuring proper draught beer temperature is maintained.

Glycol Systems

For “long-draw” draught beer systems, where kegs are located remotely in a walk-in refrigerator, glycol cooling can be used to ensure proper refrigeration of the beer trunkline and tower.

Minimal Line Length

Minimizing line length has a number of cost-saving benefits. By minimizing the total line length of a tap system, losses incurred by foaming, excess gas consumption, and refrigeration are kept as low as possible. In addition, shorter lines provide less opportunity for microbial growth inside a tap system, which optimizes sanitation and, of course, draught beer quality.

Tap System Components

Beer line components are manufactured from the highest quality food-grade materials utilizing the best available technologies within the draught beer industry today. Surfaces that contact beer are made from either polished stainless steel or polyethylene (barrier) tubing. These materials are non-porous and won’t absorb residues that create off-flavors in beer. The glass-like interior of these components provides a smooth, non-resistant path for beer to travel, and inhibits the deposition of colony-forming bacteria, mold, and yeast inside a tap system, thus maximizing both performance and sanitation.