Beer Line Cleaning

It is important to clean draught beer systems every 14 days to ensure prober sanitation and beer quality. The bacteria, mold, and yeast that reside in beer systems double in size every 20 minutes. As microbial colonies grow and mature they also develop traits that make them more dangerous and difficult to remove. After 2 weeks of growth, multicellular films of bacteria, mold, and yeast begin to stick to the interior of the beer lines. These microbial colonies then produce a slime layer known as “EPS” (extra-polymeric substance) that serves as a protective coat. These mature colonies are referred to as biofilm.

Microbial biofilm occurs in any draught beer system that is not cleaned regularly on a 14 day schedule. Once biofilms develop, they are difficult to remove. EPS defends the colonies against the effects of cleaning chemicals, and can therefore have a permanent effect on beer quality and the operation of the beer system. Biofilms are also considered pathogenic and are capable of causing various infections diseases in humans.

As draught beer technicians, our mission at Cleveland Beer Line Cleaning is three-fold:

  1. Ensure health and safety at retail beverage establishments by controlling the spread of foodborne pathogens.
  2. Promote draught beer sales by preserving the quality and originality of each draught beer; and ensuring the proper delivery of every pour.
  3. Minimize costly waste by maintaining correct balance and efficient system operation.

Every tap system we install is designed to maximize Efficiency, Performance, and Sanitation while meeting Brewers Association specifications for draught beer dispensing. We approach each installation with specific attention to the details that make your establishment unique. By doing so, we confidently fit tap systems that dispense beer with proper carbonation, flow, and temperature. This ensures that each system we install is both dependable and efficient.

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The Brewers Association and the Ohio Division of Liquor Control both recommend regular intervals of beer line cleaning once every two weeks for ALL tap systems. *These guidelines have been published in order to ensure safety and to preserve the freshness and quality of draught beer.

*Draught Beer Quality Manual, 2nd ed. published by the Technical Committee of the Brewers Association.

*Ohio Administrative Code 4301:1-1-28 published by the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control.

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