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Sanitary Testers: ATP Theory

What is ATP and why is it used as an indicator of sanitary quality in brewing and draught beer systems? ATP, short for “adenosine triphosphate,” is a high-energy molecule that stores energy in cells, and consists of adenine, a ribose sugar, and three phosphate groups (Timberlake, Structures of Life, 2nd ed., 2007). ATP, because of […]

Beer Line Cleaning Chemicals – A Breakdown

There are three distinct classes of cleaning chemicals (not just for beer lines): ions, detergents, and enzymes. Each is unique in their chemical structure, rendering them suitable for specific purposes. The major factors to consider when choosing a cleaning solution are the chemical nature of the residue that is being cleaned and the specificity of […]

How Beer Line Cleaning Can Increase Draught Beer Sales

Draught beer line cleaning is performed for two principal reasons: To achieve proper sanitation, and to ensure product quality. Maintaining a clean draught beer system is essential for preserving the integrity and character of each beer. The most common reason customers choose draught beer over bottled is for the freshness. For a draught beer establishment to […]

5 Ways to Ensure Beer Line Cleanliness

1.) Use Fresh Food-Grade Materials Whether your establishment is utilizing an older draught beer system or if you are shopping for a brand new tap system, using fresh food-grade materials is paramount in ensuring proper sanitation and draught beer quality. Today’s standards in tap system materials are stainless steel and polyethylene plastics. If you are purchasing […]