How to Increase Draught Beer Sales through Improved Service

In order to maintain a high level of draught beer sales, customer service must be top notch. There are simple ways for a bar or restaurant to encourage customers to order draught beer.

  • Menus must invite the customer to try what is on tap,
  • resources must be available that cater to individual preferences and curiosities,
  • and service and specials must follow suit of an intelligently designed beer list.

Guests entering the establishment should always be greeted with informatively designed menus. Just as there are many different varieties of beer, there are also many different varieties of beer drinkers. A good beer menu will consist of each beer’s name, style, alcohol content, the brewery and city the beer was brewed at, and a brief description of the beer’s characteristics.

A neatly assembled beer menu provides a comfortable approach to learning about new beers. Concise descriptions of character and origin bring comprehensiveness to a diverse selection. And if bartenders and servers are a dependable resource for further descriptions, customers will not hesitate to continue trying new beers.

Specials should be clearly posted inside the menu, as well as table tops, interior walls, and the entrance. Specials may be designed to showcase and promote draught beer. Certain draught beers can reappear throughout the menu as flavorings in cocktails (or “beertails”). Other beers may be suitable for cooking with and may be included on the lunch or dinner menu as ingredients in soups, beer cheeses, beer batters, mustards, and even malt vinegars.

Food pairings are another great way to introduce your customers to new beers. And be sure to offer happy hour pricing on a selection of draught beers. Design happy hour specials strategically so that they promote the sale of excess stock by encouraging guests to try beers they wouldn’t normally order. This will enhance their experience and expand their palates to keep them coming back.

Rotation is also key for encouraging repeat business. By continually introducing new beer varieties, regular guests will remain entertained. It is also important to be mindful of seasonal varieties and offer select beer and ale styles based on seasonal production. In addition, proper glassware should accompany each individual style of beer. Glassware styles and standards are designed to emphasize the focal points of each beer and exhibit the specific characteristics that define a particular style. Beer should be served with at least a quarter inch of head and presented in properly cleaned glassware.

As new beers come on tap, staff should be:

  • Continually re-educated as to the style and characteristics of each beer on the menu.
  • Knowledgeable and well-versed in drink, food and happy hour specials.
  • Able to provide accurate descriptions of menu options and helpful recommendations in order to satisfy guests and ensure their return.
  • Encouraged to taste each product so their descriptions are accurate and honest.

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