General Service & Repair

It’s important to conduct routine draught beer line cleaning and preventative maintenance to ensure proper sanitation and function of your tap system. Cleveland Beer Line Cleaning provides a comprehensive draught beer line cleaning and maintenance service. Our line cleaning procedures include a 15-minute cleaning cycle per line and hand cleaning of all external components such as faucets, keg couplers, and shanks. Our line cleaning procedures comply with the Brewers Association’s line cleaning requirements and with Ohio Administrative Code 4301:1-1-28.

Additional preventative maintenance (PM) and monthly inspections may be performed to detect potential functional and sanitation issues before they become a problem and affect draught beer service. Cleveland Beer Line Cleaning offers preventative maintenance plans that will ensure proper function, sanitation, and efficiency of your tap system. Our PM criteria consists of a complete system “CHECK and CORRECT” list that covers inspection and immediate repair of beer lines, glycol and air recirculating systems, beer drains, pumps, regulators, and FOBs.

Click to view our complete Draught Beer System Maintenance and Inspection Checklist.

You may also request a complimentary Annual Inspection to be performed at no charge.